This season of The Bachelor sure has provided us with plenty of entertainment.

The drama, awkward encounters, intruders, singing, rose eating, cat fights, gowns, tears and more have kept us on the edge of our seats, clawing our eyes out, crying with laughing and begging for more.

The group of gorgeous women were joined by non-other then our very own Georgia! Georgia has been one of the beauties behind the bar at LUX for some time now. She makes a mean Espresso Martini and loves to pour a line up of shots for thirsty party goers.


Unfortunately Georgia wasn’t able to steal Richie’s heart. Fortunately for all the other eligible bachelors out there, she is still on the market and will be back behind the bar at Lux to serve you up your favourite poison.

Stayed tuned to Channel 10 to catch the rest of the season.