Sundays: 9pm – 5am

A night that embodies culture…

A treasure that we didn’t think we’d find… Serendipity Sundays.

For the people that love Style, Colour and Rhythm… we have found the perfect Sanctuary. Presenting the latest movements of music along with all of your favourite jams and live performances.

Serendipity is a vision that never ends.

Housed in the heart of Melbourne’s fashion district stands this intimate boutique style venue with the features of a Las Vegas super club yet a homely feel boasting a spacious outdoor area, and complimenting décor.

So spend your evening in the open-air with a summer’s kiss just around the corner and leave assured that you have experienced one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets……

Serendipity Sundays @ LUX awaits you.

LUX is an experience like no where in Melbourne. An intimate boutique nightclub with the features of a Las Vegas super club. Lux is Melbourne’s new comers to the nightlife scene and is certainly worth a visit of you like to dance.

Glamorously styled, LUX has been packing big crowds eager to get their groove on in the recently transformed venue. Jump on the stage if you’re confident in your abilities or mix it up on the pumping dance-floor underneath the cage and flyingfox.
Keep your eyes on the sky to ensure you never miss a beat. From fire breathers and pole dances to aerial performers and more, Lux hosts the best entertainers from Melbourne and beyond.

Lux is Melbourne’s home of R&B.